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sunshine and 55. >> sounds good. that's it for 9news at 6:00. cbs evening news with katie couric is next. don't forget is always on. have a good night. >> couric: tonight, president obama orders 30,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan as he plans to lay out his new strategy in a nationwide address. i'm katie couric. also tonight, a manhunt in washington state. the search is on for a career criminal wanted in the brutal murders of four police officers. the tiger woods mystery continues. after crashing his s.u.v., he's now pulling out of his own tournament and still not talking to the police. and a great american city honors our own steve hartman. why? because he asked. >> reporter: could i get one of those keys? >> yeah, i'll get you one. hey, ken! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"
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with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. the orders have gone out. president obama is sending tens of thousands of additional u.s. troops to afghanistan. the first wave is expected to arrive by christmas. tomorrow night, president obama will outline his new strategy in a nationally televised address from west point. david martin reports the president will tell american it is u.s. cannot get out of afghanistan until it puts more troops in to finish the job. >> reporter: in a sunday-night meeting, president obama authorized the pentagon to send 30,000 more troops to afghanistan. in a nationally televised speech tomorrow night, he is expected to stress that buildup comes with an exit strategy. but as michael o'hannon of the brookings institution says, the fact is the u.s. is going deeper in. >> when you add 30,000 more troops, you're investing even more in the war. and it's nice to talk of exit strategies and it's smart and
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it's useful, but the essence of the near-term decision is more american commitment, not less. >> reporter: 30,000 more troops would be 10,000 under when general stanley mcchrystal, the commander in afghanistan, requested. the president hopes to make up some of the difference with contributions from nato allies. >> i think nato will come through with a couple thousand and so i think we'll still be somewhat short of what general mcchrystal proposed. >> reporter: it's now up to mcchrystal to decide exactly how the 30,000 will be used. the commandant of the marine corps says his troops will be among the first in-- 9,000 into the taliban heartland in southern afghanistan. aids to mcchrystal say the rest will consist of two combat brigades from the army plus trainers for afghan forces and support troops to construct all the new facility that will be needed. it will take upwards of a year to get them all there, but when the buildup is complete, the u.s. will have nearly 100,000 troops in afghanistan, concentrateed in the south and
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east of the country where the insurgency is strongest. north and west will have to wait for nato to send more troops. >> my best guess is that the north and west of the country continue to fester a little bit more than we would like. >> reporter: president obama has said he intends to finish the job in afghanistan, but that's not likely to happen during his first four years. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. >> couric: white house chief of staff rahm emanuel says this will be an historic week in an already historic year. with the afghanistan decision, the senate opening debate today on a health care reform bill, and the president's schedule jam packed. today the president met with australian prime minister kevin rudd. on the agenda: the new plan for afghanistan. australia currently has 1,500 troops there. tomorrow night the president shares his afghan strategy with the nation in that prime time address from west point. later in the week, he takes on a battle closer to home: josh beckett creation.
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as unemployment hovers above 10%, the president will host a job summit of business and labor leaders at the white house. and on friday he's taking his message of job creation and the economy directly to the american people, visiting allentown, pennsylvania, the first stop on what the administration is calling the white house to main street tour. now, the president's plans will cost a lot of money, and the question, chief white house correspondent chip reid tells us is how are they going to pay for all of this? >> reporter: the president will shine the spotlight this week on two tough issues: afghanistan and jobs that have one thing in common: there simply isn't enough money to pay for what he wants to do. >> at the same time that this administration talks a great game, they have yet to put forward any real policies that would make progress on bringing the debt down. >> reporter: the president is not expected to propose a specific plan to pay for the troop surge in afghanistan which could exceed $30 billion a year.
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some anti-war democrats have threatened to block funding for the buildup unless there's a tax on the wealthy to pay for it. >> if we do make the decision to do it, at least it ought to to be paid for. >> reporter: a war tax, though, is not expected to pass, which means the cost of the surge would be added to the exploding deficit, already projected to hit a record $1.5 trillion in 2010. thursday, the president turns his attention to sky high unemployment at a white house jobs summit. business leaders will push for tax credits while unions are expected to support more stimulus spending. both would add to the deficit. >> he can do lots of events to show that he's on the case, that he cares about the economy. but if he's going to really do something about jobs, it's going to cost a lot of money. >> reporter: another potential budget-buster, health care reform, is before the senate this week. the president insists the final bill will bring future deficits down but polls show most americans don't believe it, neither do republicans. >> americans are fed up with big
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government solutions that drive up taxes and drive up debt. >> reporter: before meeting with members of congress tomorrow, he will discuss his plan for afghanistan here at the white house. and one topic that's expected to come up is how to pay for it. but the democrats and republicans in congress are still far from any kind of agreement. katie? >> couric: chip reid reporting from the white house tonight, thank you, chip. in other news, it's a holiday tradition. millions of americans were& expected to shop online today on what's called cyber monday. hattie kauffman is in phoenix tonight. hattie, you're at ground zero for one of the giants of cyber shopping. >> reporter: you've got that right, katie. this warehouse is so big you could fit ten football fields inside. and today hundreds of thousands of items are being boxed and shipped to online shoppers who are cashing in on cyber monday. internet sales giant amazon has 19 other white houses going full tilt today.
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and though they won't divulge specific numbers, it means millions of boxes are rolling out from this company alone. >> so far things are busy. there are a lot of customers that are coming online, taking advantage of the convenience of shopping from home. >> reporter: amazon and thousands of other retailers have been offering steep discounts and limited time offers to lure shoppers who hate crowded stores. like see a thomas from l.a. >> we pulled right into the mall and the line was going out... i couldn't even get a parking spot. >> reporter: thomas is doing 50% more of her holiday shopping online this year. on black friday alone when 78 million swarmed stores looking for bargains, online shoppers spent $595 million, up 11% from last year. >> cyber monday is basically the online equivalent of black friday. >> reporter: today, with nearly nine out of every ten american retailers offering cyber monday deals, 96.5 million americans plan to let their fingers do the shopping. that's up from 85 million last year, an increase of more than
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13%. cyber sales are expected to bring in $900 million just today. overall, 10%, or one in ten of all holiday shopping items will be purchased online. katie? >> couric: hattie kauffman, hattie, thanks so much reporting from phoenix. for people who make their holiday purchases with a credit card, the cost is about to go up. anthony mason is our business correspondent, anthony, america's largest banks are raising the cost now of paying with plastic? >> reporter: they have been for quite a while, katie. bank of america sent out this notice to 40 million credit card customers today. to put into plain english, the rates and fees they can expect. the bank and its competitors have been raising interest rates in recent months with some bow rohrers now paying well over 20%. your credit card company may be about to send you a holiday greeting. the cost of using your credit card is going up. half of all lenders plan to raise interest rates and reduce credit limits on their most
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qualified borrowers, according to a resent survey by the federal reserve. >> it's a crime. it's crazy. total crime. >> reporter: sandy knight of dallas just received a letter from citibank increasing the interest rate on her card to 29.99%. she tried to fight it, but citibank wouldn't budge. >> so i said, well, i really hope you can sleep at night. >> reporter: the reign of terror continues. they're doing what they do because they can. >> reporter: adam levin of says the banks are rushing to raise rates and fees before new federal guidelines on credit card lending go into effect next february. 508% of americans say their credit card interest rates have been hiked in the past six months. >> the way the economy is, it's like if you have a job and you make your payments and then they jack up your interest you will never get paid off. you will always be chasing the hamster. >> reporter: the lesson for the consumer, then, is what? >> the first lesson is pay attention. any time you get a notice on
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anything, read it. >> reporter: many are heeding that advice. the national retail federation expects credit card usage to fall 10% this holiday season. >> many people are really coming to the stores with the amount of money they have in their wallet and they're saying "this is all i have to spend." and that's going to affect the impulse buy. >> reporter: that could make it a tougher holiday for borrowers and retailers both. katie? >> couric: anthony, what can you do if you get one of these letters raising your interest rates? anything? >> you do have the right to opt out. which basically means you can pay off the balance at the old rate, but you have to give up the card and that could affect your credit rating. >> couric: anthony mason, happy holidays, right? now the latest on tiger woods and his s.u.v. crash last friday morning. a notoriously private superstar, he's had very little to say about it. and today he pulled out of his own golf tournament, which begins later this week in california. more now from randall pinkston. >> reporter: on his web site, tiger woods said the injuries
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are from his car wreck would prevent him from attending the chevron world challenge this week in california. it was the second time since his controversial accident last friday that woods used his web site to speak out. with rumors swirling, woods insists the accident is a private mattered aing "the many m false, unfounded, and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible." what is known officially about the accident comes from police reports and the 911 call from a neighbor. >> what happened? what's wrong? >> i have a neighbor, he hit the tree. we came out here just to see what was going on. i see him, he's laying down. >> you mean there was an auto accident? >> yes. >> reporter: police say wood's wife elin used a golf club to break the rear windows to unlock the car and pull him out of the driver's seat. but there's speculation she may have been angered by a "national
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enquirer" report that woods had been involved with another woman new york club manager rachel uchitel. also driving speculation, tiger's refusal to speak to the florida highway patrol who were turned away for a third time yesterday. however, woods' attorney did provide authoritys with the golfer's driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance, all that is legally required. >> quite honestly, i'd advise my client to do the same thing tiger is doing. you gave them proper information and your job is done. >> reporter: there was some good news from three of his biggest endorsement clients. nickie, gillette and gatorade issued strong statements of support for woods, signaling there may not long-term damage to the reputation of the world's wealthiest athlete. randall pinkston, cbs news, wind mere, florida. >> couric: now to another number one ranked sports star and a record fine. tennis officials today ordered serena williams to pay more than $82,000 for her tirade against a
6:43 pm
line judge at this year's u.s. open. williams could face suspension from grand slam play and a doubling of the fine if she's involved in another incident over the next two years. and coming up next here on the "cbs evening news," the hunt for a career criminal now accused of murdering four police officers. (announcer) still tired of morning coming in the middle of the night? (rooster crow) ...still tired the next day too? when you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep... remember 2-layer ambien cr. the first layer helps you fall asleep quickly. and unlike other sleep aids, a second helps you stay asleep. when taking ambien cr, don't drive or operate machinery. sleepwalking, and eating or driving while not fully awake with memory loss for the event as well as abnormal behaviors such as being more outgoing or aggressive than normal,
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>> couric: the crime was horrifying: four police officers murdered in cold blood as they senate a coffee shop near tacoma washington. for a time today, police thought they had the suspect cornered inside a house in seattle, but when a swat team stormed it, no one was inside. john blackstone tells us that as the manhunt goes on, a small city is united in grief. >> reporter: in lakewood, washington, police from across the region formed an honor guard and hundreds stood silently as the bodies of the four slain police officers were moved from the coffee shop where they were killed. the sorrow in the city of 60,000 is matched by anger that the suspect in the murders, 37-year-old maurice clemmons has a long criminal record. just last week, after being held on a charge of child rape, he was released on bail. >> how did a judge let somebody that was qikted and should have been in prison out? and out and killed four people that protect us.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: police say clemmons walked into this coffee shop sunday morning and opened fire as the four officers sat at a table. police believe clemmons was wounded when one officer shot back before dying. >> we still believe he's armed and dangerous. >> reporter: the four were all veteran police officers leaving behind a total of nine children. tina griz griswold, 40, a mother of two, is described as a fitness fanatic and fearless in high risk situations. gregory richmond was drummer in an all cop rock band. 37-year-old ronald owens followed his father in police work, he loved riding dirt bikes and has a daughter. sergeant mark renniger, 39, was a swat team member and father of three. >> they were good people. they were great officers and we will all miss them very much. >> reporter: clemmons' record goes back to when he was 16 and sentenced to more than 90 years in prison for n arkansas for robbery and burglary. in 2000 saying he was no longer
6:48 pm
a misguided youth, he asked for clemency. mike huckabee, then governor of arkansas, granted him immediate parole. >> if i had known nine years ago and looked into the future, would i have acted favorbly upon the parole board's recommendation? of course not. >> reporter: police here are now hoping the $125,000 reward offered will bring in the tips needed to find clemmons. katie? >> couric: john blackstone reporting from lakewood, washington, tonight. thank you. we'll have much more news right after this. (announcer) take your time to find the right time with cialis for daily use... a clinically proven, low-dose tablet for erectile dysfunction you take every day so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. tell your doctor about your medical condition
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>> couric: the spread of the h1n1 flu appears to be slowing. the c.d.c. said today the virus was widespread in 32 states last week, down from 43 the week before. but the number of children dying from h1n1 is on the rise. 27 last week alone, making it the deadliest week for children yet. the c.d.c. estimate it is flu has killed at least 500 children since the outbreak began. an update now on the white house dinner crashes. michaele and tareq salahi finally got an invitation today, but this is to go to meet with congress to talk about how they got into last week's state dinner. federal prosecutors are trying
6:52 pm
to determine if the couple should face charges. a former resident of the white house is getting married, chelsea clinton, who's now 29, will marry her long time boyfriend, 31-year-old mark mezvinsky. word of the engagement was confirmed today by former president clinton's office. mezvinsky is the son of two former members of congress. he and chelsea clinton met as teenagers in washington. they're expected to wed next summer. and still ahead, it's the most duplicated key and it opens nothing. steve hartman's "assignment america" is next. smells good. it's a cookie exchange. we're baking up holiday spirit to share with friends around the country. you know, priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service makes shipping simpler than no-bake peanut cluster. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. so sending macadamia moos to miami costs the same as sending sugar trees to sante fe? same price for snicker doodles to spokane or pumpkin pinwheels to poughkipsee.
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and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8-hour. so why am i still thinking about this? - how are you? - good, how are you? aleve. proven better on pain. >> couric: finally tonight, the key to the city. it's about the highest honor a mayor can bestow on you-- or is it? steve hartman introduces you to a man who has more keys than a piano in tonight's "assignment america." >> reporter: 33-year-old mark malcoff isn't a hero. he's not a famous athlete, he's not a dignitary. the man is completely undeserving about the honor about to be bestowed on him. why, then, did the mayor of trenton, new jersey, award him the key to the city? because mark asked for it.
6:56 pm
>> i still am hoping if it's possible i can come get the key to the city today. >> reporter: a couple months ago this new york city comedian/filmmaker started cold calling mayors. >> boston's going to happen. my friends told me there's no way mayors would give me keys to the city. they're like "you're a regular guy, why would they possibly give you a sdme". >> reporter: his friends were wrong. >> the very first call i made they said yes right away. >> reporter: way wrong. from highspire, pennsylvania, to milwaukee, wisconsin. so far mark has collected 95 keys to 95 cities.& in exchange, he did community service. >> i did everything from reading to school children to planting trees. i did composting to promote urban gardening. >> reporter: still, you're not supposed to get a key to the city for ding public service and being an all-around nice guy. that's what nobel peace prizes are for. the key to the city used to be something prestigious. not until recently did we start giving them out to every sad dam dick, and harry. saddam hussein got a key to
6:57 pm
detroit in 1980 after donating a quarter of a million dollars to a church. in '94, new york gave one to an obscure finnish rock ban called leningrad cowboys. a few years later, gave another to this 12-year-old little league phenom-- right before he was kicked out of little league for actually being 14. also, i couldn't help but notice how the keys themselves seem to have lost some luster? >> i have at least 12 of these keys and only are they the key to the city but you can open beer with them. >> reporter: wow. in trenton, not even a real key. what was once a great honor reduced to a photo shopped certificate for anyone who asks. and i mean anyone. is there any way i could... could i get one of those keys? >> yeah, i'll get... hey, ken! >> reporter: and probably the cameraman, too. >> yeah. >> reporter: and tyler, the guy we met at friday's at lunch, i can't remember his last name. the mayor gave his aassistant my
6:58 pm
list, sure enough, not only did i have a key for everyone, i had a key for no one. a blank one i could mean later. this is going to mean so much to some random person. (laughter) so it is with great pleasure that i present to you, katie couric, the suu kyi to the city of trenton. that's the way it should be hung. >> couric: i'm honor, i think. >> reporter: you should be. >> couric: steve, thank you very much. tell us about next week. >> reporter: across america, secret santas are giving away thousands of dollars to random people on the street. you can imagine the surprise. or you can see it for yourself right here next monday night. >> couric: i can't wait for that. steve, thank you so much. that's the... and for the key. that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. i'm katie couric. thanks for watching. see you again tomorrow. for the latest news online, you can go to good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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i'm scott broom in calvert county where a pair of armed robbers mistook a funeral home for the bank next door. no funeral was underway at the lee funeral home in owings but a funeral director was struck in the head. >> when they realized i was there one of them walked up to me and tried taking away my cell phone, demand med and when i

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